AR5000, AR8600
The software ControlSoftAR5000 respectively ControlSoftAR8600 controls a communication receiver AR 5000 respectively AR8600 designed by AOR. It allows controling  the receiver via a PC using a serial port. The features of the receiver are supported including VFO, search and memory scan. Memory and search banks may be edited and saved to a file. Also an additional feature Spectrum is provided which enables you to scan and display defined frequency range on a graph and save particular frequency to a channel in the memory bank or to a VFO.


Latest Releases (You may check the user guides for more details about all releases and bugfixes.)

  • ControlSoftAR5000, 02/May/2012, version 2.0.0,  Added new audio form - possibility to record and replay an audio, added new Look & Feel Nimbus, added sorting to the memory and search tables.
  • ControlSoftAR8600, 02/May/2012, version 2.0.1, Fixed sorting.


Planned features

  • I have ceased further development. I plan to fix possible bugs and maybe continue on development in the future - depending on my time capability :)